Buddhist Psychology and the Path to Sanity (Online)

with Natalie Baker

June 13th—July 11th

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Room: Online

This course is open to all. If you need financial assistance, reach out to Mary Beth Minton at [email protected].

What would it look like if the Buddha were born in today's New York City? How would he present the dharma? This question was partially answered in the 1970s when Chögyam Trungpa left Tibet and introduced Buddhism to the West. Trungpa's approach was unique; he framed Buddhism in psychological terms, making it relevant to Westerners. He focused on understanding and managing one’s thoughts and emotions.

In this online, four-week course, we will explore Trungpa's influential work, which compiles lectures delivered to psychology and mental health students interested in Buddhism. Join us to discover how traditional Buddhist teachings can be applied in contemporary contexts.

Please note: this course will skip the week of July 4. See below for the course dates:
Thursday, June 13 from 7-8:15pm
Thursday, June 20 from 7-8:15pm
Thursday, June 27 from 7-8:15pm
Thursday, July 11 from 7-8:15pm

About the Course:
Class 1: "The Essence of Meditation and Human Nature: Exploring Our Inherent Qualities" An introduction to the practice of meditation and a deep dive into the fundamental truths of human nature. We'll explore the age-old question: Are humans fundamentally good or bad?

Class 2: "Universal Human Experiences and Understanding Ego in Buddhism: The Roots of Suffering" A study of the experiences shared by all humans and the concept of 'ego' from a Buddhist perspective. We will examine the reasons behind our pain and dissatisfaction.

Class 3: "The Six Realms: Navigating the Psychological States in Buddhism" An exploration of the Six Realms within Buddhism, representing various psychological and emotional states that influence our well-being.

Class 4: "The Nature of Karma: Addressing Life's Challenges" A discussion on the principle of Karma, seeking to understand why adverse events occur to seemingly good people and the role of actions and consequences in our lives.

Participants will be encouraged to purchase a copy of Chögyam Trungpa's book, The Sanity We Are Born With. Registered participants will receive a 30% off code to purchase this book through Shambhala Publications.

About the Teacher: 
Natalie Baker has been practicing and studying Tibetan Buddhism for over 30 years. She has been a psychotherapist in private practice for 25 years. She taught for the NY Shambhala Center for 20 years.

This event will be presented live on Zoom. To be sure that you receive the Zoom link in advance of the course, please register at least 24 hours in advance of the first class date. This class will be recorded, and recordings will be available to watch if you have to miss one of the class dates.