Drala: The Sacred Path Series (Online)

December 9th—December 10th

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    Room: Online

    Hosted by Shambhala Online

    Deepen your meditation practice, and continue along the path of the Shambhala teachings on warriorship, in this weekend retreat.

    Drala is a Tibetan  word that doesn’t have a simple translation. It refers to the sacred energy and power that exists when we step beyond aggression and also refers to the wisdom of “direct perception” that can be accessed through the senses. Many cultures and traditions point to this experience—of opening to wisdom that is beyond just one’s self.

    The Drala weekend retreat builds on the teachings of basic goodness, “cocoon”, fearlessness,  inquisitiveness, and openness in Shambhala Training Levels I-V and the teachings of the Great Eastern Sun and Windhorse—which allows the warrior to immediately way to open the heart, refresh confidence, and connect with the present moment. From this place of groundedness in the Shambhala teachings and connection with the present moment and personal confidence, the warrior begins an exploration of the depth of perception and how one engages the elemental and magical strength inherent in the world.

    "One of the key points in discovering drala principle is realizing that your own wisdom as a human being is not separate from the power of things as they are. They are both reflections of the unconditional wisdom of the cosmic mirror…The discovery of drala may come as an extraordinary smell, a fantastic sound, a vivid color, an unusual taste. Any perception can connect us to reality properly and fully. what we see doesn’t have to be pretty, particularly; we can appreciate anything that exists. There is some principle of magic in everything, some living quality. Something living, something real is taking place in everything." —Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


    This course is being offered through Shambhala Online. In order for Shambhala New York to receive a portion of the course price, please select "New York" as your center upon registration and use the course code 2024DRALA50. Should you run into any issues, please contact us at [email protected].

    If you are interested in forming a study group to discuss these teachings with other NYC-based class participants, please reach out to [email protected].  We are happy to put you in touch with others taking the same course.