Corporate Meditation Instruction

Corporate Meditation Sessions - Blue Meditation Cushions on the Floor

Shambhala NYC is pleased to offer an opportunity to bring the wellness benefits of mindfulness-based meditation into your workplace through our corporate mindfulness meditation sessions. The past few years have demonstrated the value of tuning into the present moment and prioritizing the well-being of ourselves and those surrounding us. 

By establishing a consistent meditation practice, we learn to relax and simply be with whatever is going on in our environment. Over time, meditation helps us cultivate stability, gentleness, humor and courage in the face of all the complexities we experience — our jobs, relationships and all aspects of daily life — so that we can bring sanity, clarity and compassion into our world. These benefits translate especially well into a corporate or team setting, helping reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, building stronger teams, and contributing to a positive and supportive work environment. This is one of the best ways to invest in the wellness of your employees, and a great option for your company’s wellness budget.

Corporate Meditation Group Sessions - Group of People Meditating on Cushions

Led by a qualified Shambhala Meditation Instructor, these secular group meditation sessions are designed for corporate settings and may be offered either virtually or in-person in your office, depending on location and current covid conditions.

Each corporate meditation session will equip managers and employees with tools to establish a daily meditation practice, will provide an overview of the many benefits of mindfulness meditation, and will feature a guided practice session with full instructions on working with posture, breath, and thoughts. These sessions are welcoming to both new and continuing meditators. Through synchronizing mind and body in meditation, we create the foundation for a sane and balanced life, allowing employees to return to work more focused and with increased levels of energy.

If you are interested in reserving a group meditation session for your company, please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and more information.

Tips for your first Corporate Meditation Session:
To organize a meditation session for your company, there is no need to have special cushions or a yoga room. Meditation instruction can be conducted in a variety of different settings. We recommend organizing a series of ongoing sessions for your company in order to see more long-term benefits, but starting with just one session is a great introduction to meditation for beginners. It may be useful for you to consider the following questions when organizing your first session:

  • What take away for the participants do you envision?
  • What aspects of mindfulness practice and its benefits are most compelling for your workplace? (Examples: mental health, physical health, stress management, improved sense of confidence or self-esteem, increased work productivity, dealing with emotions, improving relationships at work or at home, its impact on society, team-building, etc.)

Answering these simple questions will help us organize an effective session for your company and employees, and ongoing sessions will allow us to build upon these ideas and increase the positive benefits that meditation practice will have on your company’s community and overall well-being.

“After searching online for in-office guided meditations in NYC I couldn’t have been more thrilled to find Shambhala NYC. Upon initial outreach Mary Beth and Bob were always quick to respond, answered all of my questions and were able to fulfill a pretty last minute request for in-office service. Bob led an awesome guided meditation for a team of people who, admittedly, have a hard time disconnecting from work. The team was so incredibly receptive and kept reiterating how much they enjoyed it afterwards. One team member even said she used some of Bob’s guiding practices in her apartment the next morning! Overall, I would highly recommend Shambhala NYC!”