Meditation is a practice anyone can do. It is based on the idea that the natural state of the mind is not scattered, nervous, and confused, but rather calm, compassionate, and clear. Practicing meditation provides a way to experience this natural state more often. At Shambhala, we begin by training in a technique called mindfulness-awareness meditation. This foundational practice allows you to tune into the present moment anytime, anywhere – at home, at work, and wherever you go in your day to day life.

We welcome anyone new to meditation to check out our ongoing introductory programs below.

Dharma Gathering

Guided meditation, talk, discussion, and reception

Occasional Tuesday Evenings at 7pm.

The Dharma Gathering is a perfect introduction to the Shambhala teachings and mindfulness meditation, as well as an opportunity to connect with other practitioners. It consists of guided group meditation practice, a talk by one of our senior teachers, discussion, and a light reception.

Bring your friends! Register in advance to guarantee seating.  $10 general admission, $5 students.