Sangha Life: Get Involved at Shambhala NYC

“The more we help others, the softer and more fertile our heart becomes.” -Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


Upcoming Opportunities To Get Involved

  • Come join us Tuesday night anytime after 5:30pm to help set up and/or take down the Weekly Dharma Gathering. No sign-up needed, just stop by the front desk and we’ll introduce you to the WDG coordinators.
  • We’d love some help setting up for Parinirvana Day! Join us to celebrate the life of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche on Wednesday evening, April 4th. Arrive anytime after 5pm to help with food prep and setting up the Meditation Hall.


Volunteering and Staffing Programs

Shambhala NYC relies heavily on the efforts of so many who share in the tasks and responsibilities of sustaining it. Getting involved provides a powerful opportunity to practice leadership, support the teachings and fellow practitioners, and deepen one’s connection to the community.

There are multiple ways to contribute!

Work/Study Credit

The Work/Study Credit program provides an opportunity to earn credit to take programs at SMCNY by volunteering at the center for certain events or programs, such as our Weekly Dharma Gathering Open House, or by offering your time and energy in various other ways.

Staffing a Program

Staffing a program is an excellent way to get involved and to deepen your meditation practice. Once you have taken any program as a participant, you are then eligible to staff that program in the future. In exchange for volunteering, staff participate in programs free of charge and in many cases also receive program credits that can be applied towards tuition costs of future programs. Please note, the minimum requirement for staffing Shambhala Training Weekends is completion of Shambhala Training Weekend III, as well as completion of the Weekend you are staffing (if beyond Weekend III).

For more information on volunteering and how to get involved, please contact the office at 212.675.6544.


Membership is a way to express appreciation for what Shambhala provides and help make it available to others. Although membership is not required to participate in much of what the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York has to offer, without our community’s financial and volunteer support, we would not be able to offer all the wonderful programs, practice sessions, and events that we do.  Thanks to our members, the profound tradition of meditation is able to survive and flourish. Payment of membership dues is the financial backbone of our Shambhala Center. Learn more about membership


The Shambhala Center of New York remains open because of the ongoing generosity of our members, program participants and donors. Our community has a fundamental commitment to the Mahayana path of benefiting all sentient beings. This frames the way that we think about all of our sources of revenue. Every dollar goes towards creating mediation programs, developing outreach opportunities, expanding into the city and making it possible for more people to sit on a cushion and become familiar with their hearts and minds.

General donations fund our yearly operating budget which include building expenses (rent, insurance, utilities, maintenance, etc.), office expenses, shrine and practice expenses and payroll for our full-time and part-time employees. Learn more about giving