Weekly Dharma Gathering: Contentment

with John Sennhauser

July 9th

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  • $20 Patron
  • $10 General
  • $10 Members
  • $5 Students

Public Meditation and Dharma Talk

Every Tuesday evening at 7pm
 the Integral Yoga Institute in the Rose Room
227 West 13th Street (between 7th and 8th avenues)
New York, NY 10011

$10 general admission, $5 students

Tuesday, July 9th with John Sennhauser: "Contentment"

We spend much time in our life struggling with our state of mind and emotions, our relationships, and the world altogether. This causes suffering for ourselves and others close to us. So how to we work with this struggle in our daily lives? Meditation is a way to work with and reduce that struggle and become more content with ourselves, others and life itself.

About the Weekly Dharma Gathering

The Weekly Dharma Gathering is a perfect introduction to meditation practice and the Shambhala teachings, as well as an opportunity to connect with like-minded New Yorkers. The evening consists of guided meditation, a talk by one of our teachers, discussion, and a reception.

This open house is an opportunity to meditate in a supportive group setting, to learn about how to apply the principles of meditation to daily life, and to meet and mingle with others interested in mindfulness.

If you’re new to Shambhala NYC, we definitely encourage you to join us on a Tuesday night. Bring your friends!

About the Teacher

John Sennhauser was a part-time dance/theater student at Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado when he began to practice and study meditation. At the time he was an attorney in Seattle, WA representing Indian tribes in their struggle for federal Treaty rights. He is a senior teacher in Shambhala and lives in the Village in New York city.