Race, Racism & Racial Inequality Group

July 24th

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    Open to All - People of Color and White Allies Group

    All donations will be offered to support the BIPOC Sitting Group



    The purpose of these meetings is to create a safe and brave space for honest conversations about race.  Held monthly, this gathering is an open forum facilitated by the organizers with prompts for reflection, sharing, and discussion on the issues of race within our community and society

    Please join us for our July meeting

    Film & Conversation - 'Reconstruction: America After the Civil War'

    In this PBS documentary, Henry Louis Gates takes us through the transformative years following the American Civil War, when the nation struggled to rebuild itself and millions of former slaves and free black people sought out their rightful place as equal citizens under the law.

    Schedule includes:

    • Viewing of Film
    • Community Sharing and Discussion
    • Aspirations and Conclusion


    Baxt Ingui Architects
    20 Vesey Street, #900
    New York, NY 10007

    Below are the MTA stations near Baxt Ingui Architects:
    2/3: Park Place (4 min)
    4/5: Fulton Street (4 min)
    N/R/W: Cortland Street (4 min)
    J/Z: Fulton Street (5 min)
    A/C: Chambers Street (6 min)
    R/W: City Hall (8 min)
    1/2/3: Chambers Street (9 min)

    Suggested $10 donation supports Shambhala BIPOC events.