Joyful Gathering Retreat

February 23rd—March 1st

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    A Journey of Kindness, Clarity, and Celebration at Sky Lake Lodge

    We can mourn and celebrate; smile at the fear of death and dissolution. We are Warriors, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas. We cry and laugh and dance and sing. Together we bring together our open, broken hearts and use the tools of mind training we are so grateful for. As chaos, challenge, and anger arise, we raise lungta and delve into the magical delight of being fully human. We hold each other in the cradle of loving kindness. We allow light and dark to mingle. We bring storm clouds and Great Eastern Sunshine into our hearts and radiate rainbows of blessings. We touch the joy of the Shambhala teachings and hold hope and fear like a Garuda. We create Enlightened Society here and now.

    As leaders we can work together mutually creating a rich program that celebrates sadness and joy in a sacred world to include the following:

    Personal Practice

    Basic Goodness – The Art of Being Human

    Relaxation:  Napping, chatting, tea-time, sitting, reading, local shopping.

    Sadhana of Kindness

    Community Gathering

    Shambhala Meditation

    Local trips:  Cafes, River walk, New Paltz wandering, Chilli Bowl Fiesta.

    Birth of the Warrior


    Shambhala Sadhana

    Community meditation

    Celebration:  Rosendale restaurants and bars; Cheese and Wine reception; Morning Lhasangs.

    Siesta time, aimless wandering, mindful walks, walking meditation – outdoor;  Kado demos.

    Discussions on Challenge and Chaos.

    Warrior in the World

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