Bryan Wade: Art in Everyday Life – Podcast 293


The key to living an artful life is to relax into our sense experience and not try to manipulate it or use it for personal gain. Then we realize that the world is an open field of confident experience, constantly refreshing us to face the hassles in our world with genuine grace.

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Bryan Wade is a musician, and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. He has practiced Shambhala Buddhist meditation since 1995 and taught meditation since 2004 in NYC, Vermont and Colorado. Bryan has studied closely with Shambhala teaching artists Jack Niland and Madeline Bruser, co-teaching classes with each of them. He has been a music educator since 1998, focusing on private guitar lessons and has recently created Authentic Musician Performance Training, a course for integrating musical skill with performance confidence. Bryan writes and performs as a singer/songwriter and bandleader, incorporating influences from rock, folk, blues, jazz and world music.