Elizabeth Reid: Meeting Life with an Open Hand – Podcast 285


As we come earnestly to meditate, we can often try too hard and find ourselves tightening up in knots rather than relaxing. It is good to recognize the grip we can have on our body and mind. In this episode, we will explore some exercises to gently open our hand, physically and mentally, finding that it is possible to do less and therefore feel more. We can step back and let our world speak and unfold.

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Elizabeth Reid has been with the New York Shambhala community since the mid-80s. With a background in theatre, dance, and photography, she was inspired by the Dharma Art teachings of Shambhala, and for several years led contemplative photography workshops at the center. Realizing the importance of embodiment on the path, she became an Alexander Technique teacher and offers AT based exercises in most of her teaching.