Joseph Mauricio: Nyingje: The Heart of Engaged Compassion – Podcast 280


When we employ mindfulness and awareness in our lives, our actions become effective. Then we have the opportunity to engage with awareness and heal rather than harm, connect rather than dissociate, and love rather than hate.

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Joseph Mauricio is a teacher, speaker and Life Coach who works with private clients, couples, and groups. He offers motivational and meditation workshops in academic, business, and private sectors. Joseph began teaching twenty years ago at Karme Choling Meditation Center in Vermont and has subsequently taught in schools, businesses, nightclubs, and correctional facilities as well as meditation, wellness and community centers throughout North America. He has served as the Director of Public Programs and Outreach at the Shambhala Meditation Center of NY.  He is the principal teacher of Dharmajunkies, an engaged meditation community and is the founder of LIFEWORK, a meditation based coaching service that combines mindfulness practice with modern and ancient leadership principles in order to guide clients towards an authentic direction in their lives.