Tune Faulkner: How Does Meditation Influence Restorative Practices? – Podcast 263


How do we cope when we’ve caused harm to ourselves or to others?  We might become defensive, feel shame, lash out, etc.  What if instead we held ourselves accountable and repaired harm with a sense of honesty and confidence?  We not only repair harm to others, we restore ourselves to wholeness through getting in touch with our Basic Goodness and acting with generosity and dignity.

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Tune Faulkner has been studying Shambhala Buddhism since 1994. She lives in northern Vermont on 65 acres of land with her husband Greg. Tune is a facilitator of restorative panels in St. Johnsbury, Vermont; working with people in the community who’ve committed crimes, collaborating with the probation and parole office, local police departments, and the state’s attorney’s office. She enjoys hiking, gardening, kayaking, skiing, and being silly with her grandchildren.