Laura Simms: In Love with the World – Podcast 247


The crushing issues of our times — violence and bias, climate change, and variants of the COVID-19 virus — can either drown us in anxiety, rage or helplessness, or become the path of liberation itself. Meditation practice is a means of releasing us from illusion and fixation in order to succor our natural resources of compassion and insight, regardless.

Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast!

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Laura Simms is an award winning performer, writer, and educator advocating storytelling as compassionate action for personal and community transformation. She performs worldwide for adult and young audiences and is a senior teacher of Shambhala Buddhist meditation. She continues to work in Haiti with girls groups, is the author of two books, and serves on the UN NGO Council for Global Education. Laura is also the Co-director of Hands On Sierra Leone, and directs the Hans Christian Andersen StoryTelling Center.  She has been a student of Chogyam Trumpa Rinpoche since 1979.