Eve Rosenthal: Genuineness – Overcoming Our Personal Fake News – Podcast 222


Genuineness is being able to experience and express the truth of reality without getting caught in “fake news” arising from habitual storylines about ourselves and others. Meditation is training in genuineness — learning to simply and gently be with our body, senses and thoughts without manipulation, moment to moment. The power of practicing in this way opens up the possibility of having confidence in our own wisdom and communicating directly from the heart. In this episode, we will contemplate genuineness and deception, practice meditation, and explore the power of direct perception. This episode will begin with a guided meditation as a practice of genuineness.

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Eve Rosenthal has been a senior teacher in Shambhala for many years. Currently residing in Nova Scotia with her spouse, Basia, she is originally from New York City and was resident director of Shambhala Training in the mid 1980’s. Founder of Shambhala Online, she has worked in the technology sector on Wall Street and as a university professor. She is a long time practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and enjoys playing the piano.