Maho Kawachi: Being Genuine – Podcast 204


Maho Kawachi discusses how simply sitting and observing our minds can be an act of compassion and bravery, which leads to greater genuineness.

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Maho Kawachi joined the faculty of Shambhala New York in 2015. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Ms. Kawachi never considered living in a foreign country until she arrived in New York in the early 90’s. She took a job in journalism and now works as a senior foreign correspondent for a Japanese business daily. As a business reporter, her wide-ranging news coverage spans topics from large multi-national corporations, such as Walmart, to small indie fashion brands. She encountered the Shambhala tradition in 2008 and, thanks to the guidance and constant nudging of wonderful teachers, has been a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher ever since.

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