Generosity is the Virtue that Produces Peace


Our community member Alec shares why Shambhala is important to him, in this personal testimonial:


Dear Friend –

If, in the vast darkness of space, an oddly shaped and otherwise quirky comet blazed brilliant and contrary, it would burn only half as brightly as Shambhala New York.

I joke that I careened down the rabbit hole following a bad break up and an introduction to Pema Chödrön’s book, When Things Fall Apart – the quintessential, 21st century, Western-Buddhist secret sauce! In truth I’d been in pain for about as long as I could remember. The break up was the moment I got tired enough of hurting to take action.

For this confused pup, Shambhala New York became a source of great ideas, and inspiration masquerading as teachers and practitioners manifesting the unshakable.

Each week, I’d put my cushion away after the Weekly Dharma Gathering. Then I’d put other people’s cushions away. Some timid conversation here, a little volunteering there. During Shambhala Training Weekend III, it struck me that I owed the experience largely to the incredible generosity of the Shambhala community.

With equal force, I was struck with the realization that I would practice, study and donate time and resources to the degree that I could to help make such powerful experiences available to others.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already benefited from the warmth and depth of the Shambhala tradition, the incredible offerings at the NYC Center and the generosity of our community.

Please join me in helping keep this funny comet blazing for new and old alike with a year-end contribution:



Yours in community,






Alec Baxt
Community Member, Shambhala New York


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