Shambhala Training: Weekend I

“We already have everything we need.”

– Pema Chödrön


About Shambhala Training Weekend I: 

Awakening is not about escaping from the world we live in, but instead, about bringing mindfulness to every aspect of our lives: work, relationships, and more.

We often feel the solution to everything is to get away. While it’s true that giving ourselves a weekend to unwind can be restorative, it’s not always for the reasons we may think.

Shambhala Training Weekend I is about reconnecting with what it means to feel human. By bringing attention to our senses, our intuition, and the feeling of our body, we’ll be reminded that we already have everything we need.

More on Shambhala Training Weekend I: 
This first weekend in the Shambhala Training Series provides an intimate urban retreat setting to not only practice sitting and walking meditation but to arouse our natural confidence and relax into the freshness of the present moment. This weekend is an excellent opportunity for new and seasoned meditators alike to settle into several days of deep practice. The Weekend includes:
  • Guided meditation practice
  • Mindfulness meditation talks
  • One-on-one meditation instruction
  • Concluding Sunday reception
  • Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior by Chögyam Trungpa


Testimonials from Shambhala Training Weekend I: 

“What a profound weekend; perspective shifting.” – Andy, 37

“It feels like everything has changed, even though my life is exactly the same as it was on Friday.” – Sarah, 32

“I had been meaning to take this for a long time. It was a much deeper experience than just coming to the weekly talks. I have a new appreciation for retreats.” – Robert, 51