The Virtual Healing Circle

Presented by Unconditional Healing

The Healing Circle has been going strong since 2007.  It has a two-pronged mission.  One goal of the Circle is to provide support and a sense of community and reassurance to each other, often when we’re experiencing immense suffering due to difficulties in our life. It really helps to voice our concerns in the presence of other humans who are able to listen without judgment or the need to fix or cure us.

The second goal of the Healing Circle is to expand and refine our notion of health altogether. In the Healing Circle, we define “health” as the intrinsic sense of being or potential we all possess from birth, rather than a thing or particular condition to be acquired. This principle, called “unconditional health” depends on how we relate to our mind, our body, and the sense of being that synchronizes the two. Are we present in our body and feeling grounded with the earth, or are we relying on our continuous production of thoughts and fantasies to fortify our sense of healthiness?  This work involves a journey or path that includes not only our healing on the physical plane, but includes working on our mental, emotional and spiritual health as well.

The Healing Circle is a safe space where we can share openly and confidentially how we’re feeling and what we’re thinking. You are encouraged to bring yourself to the Circle just as you are without pretense, shame, or false bravado. However, we discourage any discussions involving self-harm because it may be detrimental or act as a trigger to others in the group.

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There is no charge but you must register to attend by following the link below. Please join us!


We meet every other Saturday online from 12:30 – 2:15 pm. See the Monthly Calendar for dates or refer to the list below. All who feel this group will be of benefit are welcome to attend, as well as caregivers, friends, family, and those who simply want to learn how to work more skillfully with adverse circumstances.