Meditation In the City

Rev. angel Kyodo williams: Why Your Liberation is Bound Up With Mine – Podcast 194


In the face of today’s political and social unrest, is it possible to create a wise, kind, and strong human society?  Rev. angel Kyodo williams speaks about how the collective process of waking up is closely related to the truth of interdependence.

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

OK Cupid, Let’s Hit The Target This Time


Love. Is Cupid’s arrow a blessing or a curse? How can we begin to let go of habitual patterns in our relationships? In this episode of the Meditation In The City podcast, Joe Mauricio discusses the power of compassion, at a talk recorded live at our Weekly Dharma Gathering. Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation … Continue 

Buddhist New Years Resolution

Being the Change: My New Year’s Resolution

We are headed for interesting times as a nation. There is little evidence that people share Community-oriented values these days. We live in collectives more than Communities. No one seems to expect civility, neither of their neighbor nor themselves just now. We fear each other, as strangers in a strange and dangerous land. We want … Continue