Meditation In the City Podcast New York

The Fragrance of Discipline


How sweet is the fragrance of discipline? In this episode of the Meditation In The City podcast, John Ankele helps us sort out the benefits of discipline, both in meditation and in daily life. This talk was recorded live at our Weekly Dharma Gathering. Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very … Continue 

Sanity Amid the Storms

Facing uncertainty is guaranteed to come up abundantly in our lives. The practice of meditation prepares us for the unlikely breezes, as well as the times that are superstorms  of uncertainty; times like now, with Sandy behind us, another storm ahead of us, the election today, and then all the personal times in each of … Continue 

Compassion is Something You TRAIN in

I wanted to share a fairly simple observation from teaching this week, related to the meditation practices that focus on the development of compassion, such as metta and tonglen. It’s interesting that if we see a great athlete or yogi, or just someone in prime physical condition, we have a tendency to think that this person has gone through an … Continue 

Mediation, Depression and Falling In Love

Love Alone: Relationships, Depression and the Practice of Meditation

I was standing alone in the mountains at night. I had moved to a retreat center to escape a broken heart. A dramatic way to deal with a break up, admittedly. The stars exploded across the Colorado sky. It was so clear that it was hard to tell where the black backdrop of night really … Continue