Meditation In the City Podcast

Experiencing Heartbreak – Podcast Episode No 21


If the things that come with heartbreak are that your world view is destroyed, your ideas about the future are decimated and your concept of who you are has dissolved, from a certain standpoint, this can be considered very fortunate… In this podcast episode, best selling author and Shambhala teacher Susan Piver eloquently discusses the … Continue 

The Myth of Self Improvement

The practice of meditation is an excellent tool for interrupting the momentum of the hamster wheel. It allows us to stabilize experience so our natural clarity can dawn. Then we can begin to see the life we are living. Along the way, we begin to recognize the places we undersell ourselves in order to follow … Continue 

work, sex, money and buddhism

Work, Money and the Rest of It

Recently, I’ve been studying the book WORK, SEX, MONEY by Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Spirituality, compassion and panoramic awareness with regard to the kitchen sink, the wallet and the bedroom. How does the animal self relate to the spirit? What happens when the angel within us, comes to ground?  How can we hold the highest view … Continue 

How To Make Positive Change

I recently read that out of the millions of Americans who set a New Year’s resolution for themselves only 8 percent are successful at achieving them. It’s not easy to intentionally effect change in your life, yet through setting an intention and building a lifestyle around that motivation it can get easier. Setting an Intention … Continue