Meditation In the City

Developing a Mind of Kindness – Podcast Episode No. 74


It is missing the point if we adopt the outer appearance of being polite and kind but still maintain our inner irritability… In this podcast senior Shambhala teacher Acharya Eric Spiegel discusses the six paramitas: Generosity, Discipline, Exertion, Patience, Meditation and Wisdom; the six elements the Buddha taught as the basis of compassionate activity. Meditation … Continue 


I live in New York City. I work at a meditation center. This one. By the way, this is a great conversation starter at parties. “And what do you do?” “I work at a meditation center.” “Really. Can you get me tickets?” People may not know exactly what we’re all about, but they know, deep … Continue 

Buddhist Response to Newtown Shooting

Finding the Light: Newtown, Violence, Depression and Renewal

Two weeks ago today the country was shocked and saddened by the news of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Frighteningly, senseless violence seems to have become a common occurrence. The Buddhist tradition talks of the dark ages. Ironically, the dark ages occur when the world is most full of light. In our current times, … Continue 

All. In. This. Together. Sandy, The Elections, and Everything After

Last month, my dear friend, author, and generally awesome lady Susan Piver asked me to write something before Tuesday’s US elections about overcoming “Us vs Them” mentality. She wrote a great, thoughtful post here. If there was ever a collision of events to force a needed discussion of how to overcome “Us Vs Them” mentality, … Continue