A Method for Loneliness

An (almost) Foolproof Method for Addressing Loneliness

Conquering our loneliness requires bravery. Here’s where we need to get practical and think about how to interrupt a habitual pattern through meditation practice.

Meditation In the City Podcast New York

Daniel Hessey: Meditation and Society – Podcast 159


Meditation practice helps us tune into our society – the extraordinary symphony of cooperation between us and those around us – and equips us to meet this world with bravery. Acharya Daniel Hessey discusses meditation as a social act.

Turn Your Thinking Upside Down

Pema Chödrön shows us how, through meditation, the best thing we can do for ourselves—and for the planet—is to turn our whole way of thinking upside down.

Sakyong Mipham Shambhala NYC

Words of Wisdom from Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

Happy Birthday to Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche! Read the latest message from the leader of the Shambhala global community.

True Listening

The receptive state of listening is a kind of auditory meditation, says Sakyong Mipham. It is an important way to gain wisdom and insight. But it’s not always easy.

Two Ways Meditation Reminds Us We Are Worthy of Love

Best-selling author and long-time meditation instructor Lodro Rinzler writes on the Shambhala Buddhist view that all of humanity is basically good. By connecting with this view, we can touch in with our inherent self-worth.

Meditation In the City Podcast New York

Ethan Nichtern & Shanté Smalls: If the Buddha Grew Up in New York – Podcast 104


Every spiritual story is situated within a given cultural context. Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Dr. Shanté Smalls examine key elements of the life and society of the historical Buddha, while presenting a modern and inclusive alternate narrative of enlightenment.

The Real Fruits of Spring Cleaning

This inspiring story on garden maintenance illustrates how the beauty of our efforts can transcend our “results.”

Pema Chodrom Shambhala NYC

Is Contentment the Secret to Happiness?

In a recent interview, Pema Chödrön was asked, “What is happiness?” Her response is the inspiration we need to return to the moment.

How Mindfulness Can Save Us From Drowning in Potential

Mindfulness Meditation suggests we start the new year not with criticism and condemnation, but with an appreciation for the mind, body, and heart we have today.