Cultural Humility: The Ground of Social Engagement

The practice of cultural humility allows us to face our inherited conditioning and discover a new process of connectivity that is the basis for social transformation.

Guided Meditation Library: Checking In

In this week’s guided meditation, David Perrin leads us in the practice of checking in with yourself.

A 7-Point Practice Plan for the Engaged Meditator

It is my view that the practice of mindfulness meditation cannot fully occur without directly engaging in society. Here is a 7-point practice plan for staying healthy, mindful, and engaged in the coming year.

How Not to Freak Out

You’re not alone if you despair about the present and fear for the future. If you find all the news overwhelming, Buddhist teacher Judy Lief has some meditations to help you cheer up.

Turn Your Thinking Upside Down

Pema Chödrön shows us how, through meditation, the best thing we can do for ourselves—and for the planet—is to turn our whole way of thinking upside down.

The Dharma of Distraction

There’s a lot more to distraction than how many times a day you check your phone. According to Buddhist teacher Judy Lief, distraction is the very foundation of ego, the way we protect ourselves against both the pain of life and the open space of awakened mind.

How Stress Changes Your Brain

Our hard-wired stress response is designed to gives us the quick burst of heightened alertness and energy needed to perform our best. But as we have each experienced for ourselves, stress isn’t all good. When activated too long or too often, stress can damage virtually every part of our body. In fact, continuous stress actually begins to change the physical make up of the brain.

Meditation In the City

The Road Home – Podcast Episode No. 77


Shastri Ethan Nichtern – on the occasion of the release of his latest book The Road Home: A Contemporary Exploration of the Buddhist Path – discusses the central theme of the book. What does it mean to be at home? Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast! Subscribe to us on iTunes here. Or listen … Continue 

Meditation In the City

Transforming Aggression – Podcast Episode No. 73


Laura Simms discusses the meditator’s unique approach to aggression. What does it mean to examine our own aggression without letting it carry us away? Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s very own podcast! Subscribe to us on iTunes here. Or listen to us on Stitcher. Laura Simms has been practicing meditation since 1973, and … Continue 

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

The Virtue of Virtue – Podcast Episode No. 65


Acharya Eric Spiegel discusses the importance of the environment we create when we’re off the meditation cushion – our overall sense of personal virtue – to the path of meditation. How can we be of benefit, even in the smallest way, to the people in our lives? Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New … Continue