Meditation In the City Podcast New York

Ethan Nichtern & Eric Schneiderman: Season of Insanity – Showing Up in Chaos – Podcast 117


Shastri Ethan Nichtern and special guest, NY State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, lead a discussion about the intersection of meditation, politics, and activism. How can the compassion cultivated on the meditation cushion help us to transform ourselves, our relationships, and our world?

All. In. This. Together. Sandy, The Elections, and Everything After

Last month, my dear friend, author, and generally awesome lady Susan Piver asked me to write something before Tuesday’s US elections about overcoming “Us vs Them” mentality. She wrote a great, thoughtful post here. If there was ever a collision of events to force a needed discussion of how to overcome “Us Vs Them” mentality, … Continue