Acknowledging or Denying Fear: Mindfulness In Business

During one of my lectures on “Mindfulness meditation and business leadership”, I asked a roomful of business leaders two simple questions. “Making a living can be pretty tough and the challenges can often appear intimidating.  Many of our jobs and businesses are at risk. We have children to care for; mortgages to pay; and college … Continue 

Meditation, Creativity & Fearlessness (podcast)


Meditation In The City is the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York’s brand-new, very own podcast. Help spread the word and share with your friends! In this episode, bestselling author and Shambhala Buddhist teacher Susan Piver discusses the intersection of meditation, creativity, and fearlessness. This talk was recorded live at our Weekly Dharma Gathering. Susan … Continue 

Retreating to Bliss and Staying Present in the World

We think of meditation as something that separates us from the world, that takes us, perhaps, to Vermont for a long weekend. Allowing feelings to simply be, to connect us with our humanness, gets at the basic sense of feeling worthy to be. I want to tell you about Being Brave, The Shambhala Sangha Retreat I just finished. Really, … Continue