Shambhala Neighborhoods

For more information please contact [email protected].

Shambhala Neighborhoods launched in January 2019, with over 80 people registering to attend gatherings all over New York City and surrounding areas. Held monthly, these 11 neighborhood get togethers are opportunities for you to meet your neighbors in the sangha, practice meditation together, and enjoy snacks and conversation.

Meeting spaces may vary from month to month, and what each group plans to do when they meet can be any number of things besides sitting. A group can plan special presentations, dharma art sessions, pot luck suppers, outings to parks or museums, volunteering; the sky’s the limit! Each group has its own flavor and experience. What exactly Shambhala Neighborhoods is depends on what we want and how we show up.

Due to the intimacy of meetings and the fact that they are mostly held in private homes, and otherwise free of charge, Shambhala Neighborhoods is open to members of Shambhala NYC. You may join with a monthly donation of whatever you can afford. 

If you are not yet registered for Neighborhoods, please send your request to [email protected].