Race, Racism, and Racial Inequality

Open to All: People of Color and White Allies Groups

The purpose of these meetings is to create a safe and brave space for honest conversations about race. Held monthly, this gathering is an open forum facilitated by the organizers with prompts for reflection, sharing, and discussion on the issues of race within our community and society.

The gathering is structured on shared, consensual community agreements where we meet both separately in affinity groups, which are self-identified People of Color and White Allies, and together as a unified community. Through sitting practice, dyads, and group discussions, we examine our personal experience, habitual patterns, and assumptions. There will also be a discussion of dharma view and practices to work compassionately and skillfully with each other and through difficult conversations.

Schedule Includes:

  • Sitting Practice
  • Affinity Group Breakout Sessions
  • Community Sharing and Discussion
  • Aspirations and Conclusion

Meets Monthly | $10 suggested donation

For more information, please email Naoko.

For black, indigenous, and people of color members, please also click here

Next Meeting:

Thursday January 30, 2020 at 7:00pm

RACE: How Science Created Race

Human DNA, Genome Project, DNA sequencing, eugenics, genetic testing, polygenism / monogenism — are these terms familiar to you? With the proliferation of DNA kits and testing services and the further development of genetic research, there has been a wave of new interest towards this topic. This month we explore the history of how science was used to create the construct of RACE, and how these same concepts have endured and were the basis for policies of exclusion, segregation, and chattel slavery in the U.S.

As an introduction, you can begin by listening to this great 20-minute podcast on NPR’s Code Switch: “Is ‘Race Science’ Making A Comeback?



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