Community Meditation + Protector Principle Dharma Talk (In-Person)

with Rachel Faro

January 14th

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  • $20 Patron
  • $10 General
Room: In Person

We invite you to celebrate the new year with us by attending our first community meditation of 2024 on Sunday, January 14th at 1:30PM!

This event will feature a community meditation and a dharma talk on the Protector Principle given by Rachel Faro.

Times of transition, such as the end of the year or the beginning of a new year, are generally approached with optimism and potential or fraught with vulnerability and confusion. As practitioners we have the opportunity to protect our minds from these manifestations of hope and fear. In this talk, we can address how chaos can manifest during these times and how to protect ourselves and the environment from spinning out. Not only can we acknowledge our own personal chaos and vulnerability, but we also have the possibility of pacifying and enriching our personal environment, the society around us, and ultimately the world at large.

Open to meditators of all experience levels, community meditations offer us a chance to practice and study together, meet and connect with other members of our community and refresh our sense of well-being, goodness, and sanity.

If you need financial assistance, reach out to Mary Beth Minton at [email protected].

This event will be presented live, in-person at 37 West 17th Street #6W in NYC. Further information to be provided upon registration. 

Meditation cushions and chair seating provided. The space is wheelchair accessible. 

About the Teacher:
Rachel Faro is a senior meditation teacher and practitioner within the Shambhala and Tibetan Buddhist traditions who has taught and led meditation retreats, classes and workshops in Europe, Latin America, South Africa and throughout the United States.  A personal student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, she has been training, practicing and teaching since the early 1970's.  She is also an accomplished and well-known singer/songwriter, Grammy-nominated record producer and president of world music record label Ashé Records, releasing recordings of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, African, jazz, blues and folk music.  And finally, she is the proud mother of Anandi, an outstanding jazz singer, songwriter and Shambhala meditation teacher and practitioner based in Portland Oregon.

New to meditation? The Learn to Meditate sessions offered every Tuesday evening of the month can serve as an excellent introduction to sitting meditation.