Community Half-Nyinthun: Harvest of Peace Meditation Retreat (online)

with L Kathy Herre

September 18th

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  • $20 General
  • $15 Current SMCNYC Members
  • USD 0.00
  • Pay what you can
Room: Online

All are welcome for our virtual Community Nyinthun, a morning of practice and connection. This Community Nyinthun will include periods of sitting and walking meditation and group conversation, and coincides with the Harvest of Peace.

A nyinthun is a day-long meditation session: nyin is Tibetan for “day”, and thun means “session” of formal meditation.

For meditators of all experience levels, this community nyinthun is a rare opportunity to take a half day to relax with ourselves and refresh our sense of well-being, goodness, and sanity.