Werma Practice

February 10th

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    Werma group practices are for students who have attended Rigden Abhisheka and are authorised to practice Werma Sadhana, our unique Shambhala Lineage sadhana practice.

    Werma group sessions are offered monthly, on or near Werma Days, at 7-8 pm. This is an opportunity to gather virtually with other practitioners and experience the vitality of group practice.

    No registration is necessary. For information on how to join and to receive a zoom link, contact Susan Roti at [email protected].

    We look forward to this opportunity to practice with old friends.

    2021 Werma Practice Days are as follows:

    Wednesday, Jan 13
    Wednesday, February 10
    Monday, March 22
    Wednesday, April 21
    Thursday, May 20
    Wednesday, June 9
    Sunday, July 18
    Monday, August 16
    Wednesday, September 15
    Thursday, October 14
    Tuesday, November 23
    Sunday, December 12