Dharma Gathering: The Great Remembering

with Laura Simms

March 16th

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The Great Remembering

Compassion is our natural state of mind. When unobstructed by fixed ideas or emotions, we remember that we are of the earth. Mindfulness Awareness is the path that reveals and empowers our actions in the world for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Laura is a professional storyteller. She is  a senior student of mindfulness awareness and dharma art, and a practitioner of council. The talk is participatory. Through the exploration of part of a story, an old Romanian fairytale, we will experience the difference between practice and path as we deepen an understanding of the role of communication as compassionate action.  We feel how through meditation we access the fullness and directness of perception that increases empathy, joy and intelligence - the source of remembering our innate connection to ourselves, each other and the natural world as sacred.
About the Teacher
Laura Simms has been a student of Mindfulness-Awareness since 1977 when she first met Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. She is a senior teacher of Buddha Dharma and Dharma Art.

About the Dharma Gathering

The Dharma Gathering is a perfect introduction to meditation practice and the Shambhala teachings, as well as an opportunity to connect with like-minded New Yorkers. The evening consists of guided meditation, a talk by one of our teachers, and a discussion period.

This open house is an opportunity to meditate in a supportive group setting, to learn about how to apply the principles of meditation to daily life, and to meet virtually with others interested in mindfulness.

Privacy Notice:
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