Meditation in Everyday Life (Online)

with Vegan Aharonian & Ashley Dinges

July 30th—August 27th

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This course is open to all and offered by donation. The Patron rate makes it possible to support our online programming at this time.  Otherwise, please feel free to pay what you are able. Registration is limited so please register soon! Zoom information will be sent upon registration.

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"By making a deep connection to the present moment and understanding our mind through the practice of meditation, we learn to make friends with ourselves…"

We are living in extraordinary times. The level of uncertainty is high and many of us are experiencing stress, confusion and fear as we shelter at home. How can we stabilize our thoughts and emotions? And how can we satisfy our yearning to help, to be a part of society? This challenging moment could be the perfect time to develop or stabilize a meditation practice.

While meditation has many proven benefits it is important to establish a consistent personal practice. This five part course is designed to help new meditators learn the basics of mindfulness meditation practice and how to bring its benefits into their daily lives. It is also helpful for more experienced meditators in stabilizing and deepening their practice and daily discipline.

By combining technique and view in a setting of support and community Meditation In Everyday Life provides you with all the tools you need to establish a strong meditation practice.

By establishing a consistent meditation practice, we learn to relax and simply be with whatever is going on in our lives. Over time, meditation helps us cultivate stability, gentleness, humor and courage in the face of all the complexities we experience -- our jobs, relationships and all aspects of daily life – so that we can bring sanity, clarity and compassion into our world, expanding outward to our friends, family, neighbors and society as a whole.

Meditation In Everyday Life consists of 5 classes addressing the following areas:

July 30, Class 1: Peaceful Abiding and Basic Goodness
August 6, Class 2: Mindfulness, Awareness and Gathering the Mind
August 13, Class 3: Obstacles & Antidotes: Working With Thoughts
August 20, Class 4: Genuine Heart of Sadness
August 27, Class 5: Everyday Life and Enlightened Society

Give yourself the gift of meditation and infuse your life and the lives of those around you with compassion, caring and kindness.

About the Teachers:

Vegan Aharonian, PhD began studying Shambhala Buddhism in 1996. Originally from Armenia (the former Soviet Union), he came to the United States as a graduate student at Columbia University in 1991. In addition to teaching regularly in New York City, Vegan has also taught international Shambhala programs in Russia and Ukraine. 

Ashley Dinges is a meditation teacher and practitioner in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage. She is based in Brooklyn, NYC and is an award-winning marketing and communications executive. Ashley currently serves as the Director of Marketing and Sales for GFour Productions, a Tony Award-winning theatrical producer, and holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. She is particularly interested in the intersection of contemplative practice with our everyday lives, careers, and relationships.

Meditation in Everyday Life is the first class in the Shambhala Training curriculum. The Shambhala Training path is a secular course of practice and study suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, and open to people of any spiritual tradition. This comprehensive overview of mindfulness meditation and contemplative living practices presents the profound, simple and incredibly relevant view that when we foster a more awake and compassionate relationship with ourselves and with others, we are creating a more awake and compassionate world.