Advanced Buddhist Studies: Insight into Emptiness

with Derek Kolleeny

September 17th—December 17th

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  • $144.00 General

Insight into Emptiness: A Rime Shedra NYC Course on the Profound View of the Middle Way

Time: 12 of the Tuesdays from September 17 to December 17, 2019, 7:00-9:15 pm

Location: The Lithuanian Alliance of America, 307 West 30th Street, NY, NY

Suggested offering: $144 for the series or $15/class on a drop-in basis

This course will be an in-depth exploration of the Middle Way view of the nature of reality as presented in the Tibetan Prasangika tradition. We will focus primarily on the method of the Geluk tradition as presentation in the fine book Insight into Emptiness by Khensur Rinpoche Jampa Tegchok. However, we will supplement this with handouts and other selected readings provided in both digital and hard copy.

This book presents the essential concepts to facilitate our investigation into how things actually exist. When learning about the nature of reality, we will encounter some technical vocabulary as well as concepts that are new to us. The philosophical terms are explained, and a glossary can be found at the end of the book. Key concepts are unpacked in a clear manner. Thus, this book is an excellent, in-depth introduction to the topic of emptiness that will help prepare the reader for the study of the great Indian and Tibetan works. This clear explanation also includes instructions on how to reflect and meditate on emptiness.

The nature of reality is not easy to understand and realize. So this book is not a “one-read” book, where we receive some useful information and go on to something else afterward. The topic of emptiness entails great effort in study and contemplation, and thus rereading this book will enable us to derive more and more benefit. Each time we read the material, new understandings will develop in our mind, even though the words are the same.

To participate in the course, please purchase a copy of the book on your own and express your interest to Derek Kolleeny at [email protected]. Classes are recorded so you can catch up on any you miss and placed on the following website along with handouts:

Classes are held at 307 West 30th Street, NY, NY 1001, on the third floor (this is a walkup). #307 West 30th Street, NY, NY 10001 is between 8th and 9th Avenues, but is closer to 8th and is a block away from Penn Station. The building is owned by The Lithuanian Alliance of America (which is written on the building). If the gate is closed push the right side of the gate forward to open (you may have to lift the long bar that sometimes is in the down position and holds it in place). Press the second buzzer from the top, the one labeled “Third Floor.” Go up two flights of stairs. When you enter please take off your shoes. If you sit on a cushion and can bring one, please do; otherwise, no problem, there are chairs and some funky cushions there.