Conversations on Patriarchy for Women and Non-Binary Group

with Naoko Kojima & Alison Pepper

September 18th

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    $10 Suggested Donation

    The purpose of this group is to create a safe and brave space for practitioners who identify as women and non-binary to explore the construct and manifestation of patriarchy and its impact on our lives and community.

    We are experiencing a shift in both our culture sparked by the #MeToo movement and within our community over incidents of sexual abuse (for more information, click here). This is a potent time for us to cultivate an enlightened point of view and deepen our capacity to lead our lives with clarity and dignity.  

    Held every other month, the gathering is structured on shared, consensual community agreements. Through sitting practice, dyads, and group discussions, we examine our personal experience, habitual patterns, and assumptions. There will also be a discussion of dharma view and practices to work compassionately and skillfully in addressing patriarchy in our lives. 

    Schedule Includes:

    Sitting Practice

    Community Sharing and Discussion

    Aspirations and Conclusion


    LGBT Center

    Room 305

    208 W. 13th Street

    New York, NY 10011