Bodhi School: Shambhala Children's Program

with Myles Darby & Alison Pepper

June 2nd

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    Spring is almost done - can you believe it? The Summer Solstice is June 21st but we'll meet one last time before then. This time hopefully in a park!
    Please join us Sunday, June 2. The Tiger/Lion/Garuda/Dragon classes will meet at 10:45am. Our brown bag social hour will take place from Noon-1pm so please bring your lunch if you would like to stay. Feel free to bring snacks to share as well!
    Our lovely teachers will again be Alison Pepper and Myles Darby and we will be collecting a contribution of $10 per child to cover their stipend. If there is any excess, it will be used for expenses related to the Shambhala NYC Childrens' Program (snacks, retained to pay for space rental in the future, etc.). Payments can be made in cash or via app ( Venmo, Paypal, etc.) the day of the event. I created a Paypal money pool as an experiment (allows for more transparency I think) but feel free to use whatever method you're most comfortable with.
    During this time, Bodhi school will be held a little more lightly and informally and will be held in member's homes and weather permitting, outside. As a result, it will be important to have an accurate count of who is coming so please use the "tickets" below to RSVP. 
    Weather prediction as of May 28th
    Cloudy with occasional showers. High near 75F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 50%.
    The backup location will be
    130 Lenox Ave # 809
    New York NY 10026
    This event can be drop-off but if you'd like to connect with fellow parents, please indicate by registering the appropriate amount of parents below so that we can plan for appropriate space.
    Our teachers
    Myles Darby
    Myles grew up in Shambhala, has been a counselor and teacher in Family Camp at Karme Choling (including Rites of Passage) and a long time camper. 
    Alison Pepper
    Alison is a therapist specializing in Buddhist psychotherapy as well as child and family therapy. She has been teaching childrens programming at the NY Shambhala center, Skylake, and Karme Choling for many years. When she isn't in the shrine room or therapy office you can find Alison in the garden or woods creating nature therapy group work and play based work for kids, families, and creative adults.