Race, Racism & Racial Inequality Group

March 23rd

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    The purpose of these meetings is to create a safe and brave space for honest conversations about race. Held monthly, this gathering is an open forum facilitated by the organizers with prompts for reflection, sharing, and discussion on the issues of race within our community and society.

    Please join us for our March meeting: 

    Workshop on Bail & Discovery Law Reform in NY State, Presented by

    Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ-NYC) 


    On any given day, there are 16,000 New Yorkers in jails across the state who have not been convicted of a crime. Unable to afford bail, and with no knowledge of the evidence held against them, they languish, sometimes for years before ever going to trial.

    New York is on the verge of addressing its jail crisis, with NY state lawmakers speaking out in favor of bail and discovery reforms this year. However, this momentum makes it essential that we put pressure on them to do things right, and in order to do that we need to have a clear understanding of what we want bail and discovery reforms to accomplish.

    On Saturday, March 23, 2019, members of SURJ-NYC and the RRR Group will co-facilitate a workshop to help our communities understand the issues of bail and discovery, and how the two work together to fill jails across the state with primarily low-income black and brown people.

    Come for a morning of political education (and bagels and coffee!), and leave with the tools you need to join the fight to #FREEnewyork in 2019.

    In preparation for this workshop, we ask that all participants watch the documentary 13th directed by Ava Duvernay, available for streaming on Netflix.

    Schedule includes:

    • Sitting Practice

    • Affinity Group Breakout Sessions

    • Aspirations and Conclusion


    Baxt Ingui Architects
    20 Vesey Street, #900
    New York, NY 10007

    Below are the MTA stations near Baxt Ingui Architects:
    2/3: Park Place (4 min)
    4/5: Fulton Street (4 min)
    N/R/W: Cortland Street (4 min)
    J/Z: Fulton Street (5 min)
    A/C: Chambers Street (6 min)
    R/W: City Hall (8 min)
    1/2/3: Chambers Street (9 min)

    Register by clicking here.