Learn to Build a Meditation Practice

with Natalie Baker

February 7th

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Room: Shambhala Hall

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Open to All 

While meditation has many benefits, establishing a consistent personal practice can be extremely challenging for both new and experienced meditators alike. The stress of our daily lives and speedy society can quickly derail even well-intentioned practitioners.

This class will introduce and clarify instructions on basic mindfulness-awareness meditation practice, and help students incorporate daily practice into their busy lives. Upon completing this class, students should feel confident that they understand the view and technique of meditation practice.

Class Schedule

6:30pm Welcome & Introduction
6:45pm Meditation Instruction & Guided Practice
7:15pm Practice Questions
7:30pm Teaching
8:00pm Group Discussion or Dyads
8:15pm Conclude

About Learn to Live Mindfully 

This class is part of Shambhala New York's Learn to Live Mindfully series: one-night workshops that offer practical teachings and meditation techniques to help us grow into more mindful, compassionate human beings.  Classes include guided meditation, teaching, and group discussion. These workshops are intended to give you a taste of Shambhala Training.

About the Teacher

Natalie Baker is the founder of Buddhist Psychotherapy NY & Neurofeedback NY, is a licensed psychotherapist and an advanced Zengar certified neurofeedback trainer in New York. She has over thirteen years experience as a psychotherapist in NYC treating clients with conditions such as PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. She has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1992 and teaching since 2000 in the Shambhala tradition.