Shambhala Training Weekend II: Discover Your Inner Warrior

with Enrique Redondo

October 12th—October 14th (2018)

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Prerequisite: Shambhala Training Weekend I

“Shambhala Training Weekend II” is the second retreat weekend in the highly acclaimed Shambhala Training curriculum. Completion of “Shambhala Training Weekend I” is a prerequisite for this program.


"To honestly face the pain in our lives and the problems in the world, let’s start by looking compassionately and honestly at our own minds.” - Pema Chodron, Senior Teacher in the Shambhala Tradition

About this Program

The baggage we carry into each present moment is often fraught with fear and worry, confusion and struggle. The behaviors that play out as a result are not examples of "how we are," but passing states of neurosis which obscure our natural sanity.

In Shambhala Training Weekend II, we take a closer look at the innerworkings of our mind to see clearly the ways in which we are conditioned. Through gentle, repeated sessions of sitting and walking meditation, we learn to interrupt our neuroses in order to experience greater clarity, aliveness, and peace of mind.

With the space provided by meditation, we can free ourselves from old habits of thought and emotional patterns, and discover the wise, compassionate, and fearless warrior within.

About Weekend II

Shambhala Training Weekend II: Discover Your Inner Warrior introduces a meditation practice that builds upon the mindfulness-awareness technique of Shambhala Training Weekend I. The weekend provides students with real techniques for working with fear and habitual patterns of thought and behavior.

 Our senior Shambhala teacher will incorporate these teachings into the weekend’s talks and meditation instruction. Our teacher and a team of meditation instructors will be on hand to personally assist participants with one-on-one sessions and guided group meditation.

Shambhala Training Weekend II includes: 

  • Guided meditation practice

  • Meditation talks

  • One-on-one sessions with a senior instructor

  • Concluding Sunday reception

About Shambhala Training

Shambhala Training offers a structured path of meditation and emotional intelligence education rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Shambhala tradition and created for the challenges of modern, everyday existence.

The Shambhala Training path consists of five weekly courses and five weekend retreats suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators, and open to people of any spiritual tradition.

This comprehensive overview of mindfulness meditation and contemplative living practices presents the view that when we foster a more awake relationship with ourselves we are creating a more awake and compassionate world.

About the Teacher

Rick Redondo teaches and leads meditation courses, retreats, and corporate workshops in New York City and around the Northeast. He enjoyed a successful career as an Options Trader in Chicago, before changing directions to pursue his passion for the arts. He is now an active filmmaker, actor and musician. He founded the New York City Heart of Recovery Group over seven years ago. He enjoys bringing meditation and art to everyday life.

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Refund Policy


If you can't make the program, we will gladly transfer your payment to another program for up to one year out. If you would like to receive a refund, please advise us no later than 24 hours before the program starts and we will gladly provide a refund, less a $10 processing fee. We are unable to refund credits that have been carried forward for more than one year.