Entering the Desung Path: Compassionate Care

with Dennis Southward & Sara Demetry

January 12th—January 14th

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  • $325 Patron
  • $275 General
  • $225 Members
  • $175 Students
Room: Main Shrine Room

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Open to the Shambhala Community

This program is open to Shambhala council members, Shambhala Guides, Shambhala Path Meditation Instructors, Mentors, program coordinators, and members of the community who are interested in learning to work with difficult situations.

The word "Desung" means "bliss" or Harmony Protector. This weekend is focused on building skills for supporting individuals with physical and emotional challenges, promoting health and well-being, and stepping in when there is conflict. Specifically, this program is about being open, willing to be on the spot, present with challenging situations that arise in our lives.  

Desung is a profound path arising out of the Shambhala Dorje Kasung tradition that is built around protecting access to innate wisdom by embodying generosity, gentleness, and fearlessness in our daily lives. 

Desung Training is a prerequisite for those who wish to apply to become members of the Desung Arm. These members are committed to supporting individuals with physical and emotional challenges, promoting health and well-being, and stepping in when there is conflict in the sangha.  Desung are especially versed in the Care and Conduct protocols that provide ground and space to manifest basic goodness when conflicts arise.

This weekend is also an opportunity to learn from and practice from Dapön M, Dennis Southward, who was the first person empowered by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche to serve as a Desung in 1984, as well as Sara Demetry, Kadö, Trident Region Desung Commander.

Shambhala Guides, teachers, program coordinators, and Kasung members are especially encouraged to attend.


To apply, please fill out this Entering the Desung Path Application Form. Upon acceptance, please register as soon as possible with Shambhala New York to reserve your space in the training.


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