A 7-Point Practice Plan for the Engaged Meditator

It is my view that the practice of mindfulness meditation cannot fully occur without directly engaging in society. Here is a 7-point practice plan for staying healthy, mindful, and engaged in the coming year.

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David Nichtern: The Power of Stillness – Podcast 126


Sometimes we’re running fast, in an effort to run away from ourselves. But we can be still. By simply giving ourselves space and time to work with our mind, natural intelligence and peace can arise.

Double Your Donation: Gifts Matched Through 12/31

Dear Community – As of this evening, Saturday, December 31, we are just $5,406 away from our year-end fundraising goal of $99,000. Please make a donation today to help us close the gap and reach the finish line: This campaign has been our most successful to date, and 2016 itself has been a tremendous year … Continue 

Generosity is the Virtue that Produces Peace

Our community member Alec shares why Shambhala is important to him, in this personal testimonial.

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David Perrin: Loving Kindness – Podcast 125


How can kindness find a footing in times of uncertainty, competition, speed, and aggression? We might be afraid of losing our edge; is loving-kindness practical?

Meditation In the City

Joseph Mauricio: Discovering Abundance, Appreciation and Gratitude – Podcast 124


Is there such a thing as inner wealth, a true abundance of spirit deeper and more reliable than material wealth?

Community is more important than ever

  Our community member Susie shares why Shambhala is important to her, in this personal testimonial: ——————- Dear Friend – A warm hello to you on this chilly winter day.  My name is Susie and I would like to share my story with you. I was raised in the tradition of Korean Buddhism.  From the age … Continue 

How Not to Freak Out

You’re not alone if you despair about the present and fear for the future. If you find all the news overwhelming, Buddhist teacher Judy Lief has some meditations to help you cheer up.

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Natalie Baker: Meditation Without Credentials – Podcast 123


We measure ourselves and each other by a personal set of credentials: our professional accomplishments, the school we went to, our social circle, where we live. This also applies to the spiritual path. What is this running narrative about ourselves meant to prove?

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

Shanté Smalls: What Next? Meditation for After the World Ends – Podcast 122


Sometimes things don’t go our way. What do we do? How can we stay in the present moment even when it’s uncomfortable, without being seduced by hope and fear, constantly asking “What next?”