Conversations on Aging

An Open Discussion

Bi-monthly | $10 suggested donation

“Conversations on Aging” include meditation, contemplation, and discussion of topics related to aging as well as death and dying. Please join us to share your concerns, experiences, and ideas.

Our purpose is multi-faceted:

  • to learn and communicate about the many aspects of aging
  • to help identify and organize support for the physical, psychological and spiritual needs of our community as we, and our friends and family, grow older
  • to explore and share ways to view and experience our own aging from a positive and aspirational perspective, consistent with our view and path
  • to connect and exchange with other local and international groups on aging, including the mandala-wide Aging in Shambhala steering committee


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Cynthia Spencer is a meditation instructor, teacher, and practitioner of dharma arts including calligraphy and kado. Her interest in the support of aging and dying arises from working with friends and family members. She has been part of the Shambhala community since 1979.