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Timothy Quigley: Indestructible Dharma and the Nonlinear Path – Podcast 210


Timothy Quigley discusses the profound depth of the meditation tradition. In this age of greater speed, anxiety and sense of overwhelm, what does is needed to touch this greater depth?

A Method for Loneliness

An (almost) Foolproof Method for Addressing Loneliness

Conquering our loneliness requires bravery. Here’s where we need to get practical and think about how to interrupt a habitual pattern through meditation practice.

Double Your Donation: Gifts Matched Through 12/31

Dear Community – As of this evening, Saturday, December 31, we are just $5,406 away from our year-end fundraising goal of $99,000. Please make a donation today to help us close the gap and reach the finish line: This campaign has been our most successful to date, and 2016 itself has been a tremendous year … Continue 

Generosity is the Virtue that Produces Peace

Our community member Alec shares why Shambhala is important to him, in this personal testimonial.

Community is more important than ever

  Our community member Susie shares why Shambhala is important to her, in this personal testimonial: ——————- Dear Friend – A warm hello to you on this chilly winter day.  My name is Susie and I would like to share my story with you. I was raised in the tradition of Korean Buddhism.  From the age … Continue 

This Week at Shambhala NYC

Here are some ways to nurture your meditation practice here at the Shambhala Center of New York the week of October 10th, 2016.

Joy shambhala nyc

The Truth of Happiness

As opposed to the temporary fling we have with happiness, joy is a deeper, more stable experience. Joy is not devoid of pain. Joy actually describes a space so vast, it encompasses pain.

Two Ways Meditation Reminds Us We Are Worthy of Love

Best-selling author and long-time meditation instructor Lodro Rinzler writes on the Shambhala Buddhist view that all of humanity is basically good. By connecting with this view, we can touch in with our inherent self-worth.

How Meditation Creates Real Change

Meditation practice softens the walls around your heart and allows your compassion to flow. Like the many past participants of Contentment in Everyday life have found, it can inspire you to do great things that will positively effect society.

Pema Chodrom Shambhala NYC

Is Contentment the Secret to Happiness?

In a recent interview, Pema Chödrön was asked, “What is happiness?” Her response is the inspiration we need to return to the moment.