Annual Appeal 2017

Shambhala New York is a refuge in a world that often feels filled with chaos and aggression. The meditation practices of Shambhala exist to help us maintain the strength to bring kindness, generosity and bravery to our homes, families, and workplaces. This year, a record high of more than 6,000 people attended a program at Shambhala New York.

Shambhala New York is currently $92,250 away from our year-end fundraising goal of $500,000 in charitable gifts (one-time donations and membership dues).

Every charitable gift of any size makes a major impact on Shambhala New York’s ability to fulfill our mission of making meditation accessible to all New Yorkers.

Here are some examples of the type of impact your gift can make:

    •  A $50 donation …
      • Provides a scholarship for Meditation in Everyday Life for a new student.
      • Covers the cost of food for one Weekly Dharma Gathering.


    • A $125 donation …
      • Stocks our kitchen with tea for program participants for one month.
      • Supports our ikebana team with two weekends’ worth of flowers.


    • A $250 donation …
      • Purchases four new sets of meditation cushions.
      • Pays for one month of fiberoptic Internet for the center staff offices.


    • A $500 donation …
      • Stocks our three shrines with supplies like incense and candles for six months.
      • Supports our teaching staff honoraria for two weekend programs.


  • A $1000 donation …
    • Covers the cost of one month of space usage for Shambhala’s community groups.
    • Provides a full scholarship to a student in need for the Shambhala Training Level 1-5 weekends.


Please Make a Gift to Support Our Campaign