Eve Rosenthal: Cheering Up in Challenging Times – Podcast 246


As the Buddha taught in the first Noble Truth, suffering exists. Painful situations arise in all of our lives, and sometimes the challenges of life can become so overwhelming that we begin to feel stuck. In particularly difficult times, such as now, we can spiral into depression or lash out at ourselves and others in frustration. But even in the face of the many societal problems and economic pressures of our times, not to mention our own personal challenges and struggles, we can always turn to meditation practice and study to help us find a fresh and uplifted perspective on life.

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Eve Rosenthal has been a senior teacher in Shambhala for many years. Currently residing in Nova Scotia with her spouse, Basia, she is originally from New York City and was resident director of Shambhala Training in the mid 1980’s. Founder of Shambhala Online, she has worked in the technology sector on Wall Street and as a university professor. She is a long time practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and enjoys playing the piano.