Filomena Leonardi: Meeting the New Normal with Equanimity – Podcast 236


The Dharma tells us that impermanence is a constant. The practical approach from the teachings in working with uncertainty could be to make impermanence the ‘new normal’ instead of looking for certainty. In this episode, we learn ways to deal with this uncertainty and begin to attain peace and equanimity.

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Filomena Leonardi has been a student in the Shambhala tradition since 2009. Filomena is a partner at a global consulting firm, focusing on leadership development. Through her work as executive coach she aspires to bring the principles of Shambhala Dharma to the corporate world.  Originally born and raised in Milan, Italy, Filomena has lived in several cities, including London and Sydney. She has made  New York City her home since 2005. In her (limited!) spare time, Filomena is an enthusiastic ceramics student at Greenwich House Pottery, and considers clay and the wheel her very first mindfulness teachers.