Rick Redondo: Finding Our Heart – Podcast 225


In this episode, we will explore sensations of disheartenment through the Buddhist teachings of Bodhicitta, or awakening heart. We learn to free ourselves of our own suffering by removing the fixation on ourselves, and through loving kindness aspiration.

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Rick Redondo is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and leads meditation courses, retreats, and corporate workshops in New York City and around the Northeast. He co-founded the New York City Heart of Recovery group 9 years ago. He regularly appears on the “Meditation in the City” podcast. He is a Shambhala Mentor, selected and trained to work with students through in-depth, on-going, one-on-one sessions that include meditation instruction, path guidance and mindful living coaching. He is an active filmmaker, actor and musician. He enjoys bringing meditation and art to everyday life.