The Shambhala Meditation Center of New York City is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its members to sustain its day-to-day operations.  The experience of being a member is enormously rewarding and allows you the opportunity to make a greater connection with your local Center, the teachings, and the larger Shambhala community.

Become A Member of the NY Shambhala Center


Members help to create the vitality of life at the Center.

Members engage regularly in meditation and contemplative practice and strive to integrate their practice into everyday life. Regular practice is the best way for all of us to support our Shambhala community, our world, and ourselves. Members are also encouraged to volunteer when possible.

By paying monthly dues, members help to pay basic operating expenses such as rent, utilities, and staff.  The financial support of our members is also key to our being able to offer a Generosity Policy, which ensures that programs are financially accessible to all. On top of their monthly dues contributions, many members offer additional donations to various fundraising efforts throughout the year.


  • 20% discount on programs and 15% discount at the Center bookstore

  • 10% discount at Sky Lake Lodge, our rural retreat center

  • Listing in the New York City directory of members

  • Member access to the Shambhala Network (including message boards, community news, and other international Shambhala resources)

  • Access to the Center’s lending library of books and access to the Center’s audio library of talks by renowned teachers, including Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

  • Invitations to special member events, community and neighborhood gatherings

  • The opportunity to meet with a personal meditation instructor

  • Membership in Shambhala International and access to certain advanced retreats and gatherings

Membership dues are offered as recurring monthly donations.

$20 or more per month for an individual ($50 or more for a couple)
$240 or more annually

This is the minimum membership level and entitles you to all the basic benefits of membership listed above.

$50 or more per month
$600 or more annually

Members are encouraged to contribute at least $50 a month as this is the average dues amount required to cover the Center’s rent and other related expenses. By giving at this level you are entitled to all the basic membership benefits plus a member pin.

$75 or more per month
$900 or more annually

By giving at this level you are contributing to the financial growth and sustainability of the Center, which is essential for meeting rising operating costs.  As a Lion member you receive all the benefits of the Tiger level plus an annual gift certificate for a friend to attend any introductory or non-core program.

$125 or more per month
$1500 or more annually

Extending your generosity at this level allows the Center to build a strong foundation upon which we can expand our activities, raise our visibility, and thereby offer the benefits of meditation to more people.  Garuda members receive all the benefits of membership of the previous levels plus an invitation to our annual Golden Key Society Dinner, and a mailed copy of the Shambhala Center’s annual report.

$500 or more per month
$6000 or more annually

By making a monthly offering at this level you are a patron member of the New York Shambhala Center.  You are not only contributing to the financial security of the community, but you are investing in the future of the Center for the thousands of practitioners who come through our doors every year. In appreciation of your generosity you will receive all the benefits of the above levels, including an invitation to the Golden Key Society Dinner. You will also receive a newsletter from the local governing council twice a year, an invitation to an annual meeting with the Executive Director and the Council, and an invitation to an annual NYC Dragon Gathering with a senior teacher and other distinguished guests.

You are warmly invited to become one of the over 480 members who make the Shambhala Meditation Center a precious jewel in the heart of New York City!

Become A Member of the NY Shambhala Center

For further information please contact Ashley Dinges, Development & Membership Director, at 212-675-6544 or by email.

Please note:
When you join today we will process your membership contribution today as well. After that, you will be charged on the first of every month.

Dues are processed on a monthly basis.  Should you require a different arrangement, please contact the Development & Membership Director.

Donations to the Shambhala Center are tax deductible under IRS section 170 (f)(8). Membership dues are also tax deductible donations minus any benefit that you receive in the form of program discounts.

While it is important that membership support be provided on a sustained and ongoing basis, you may adjust your monthly contribution at any time, should your circumstances change.