What Would It Be Like To Be Free of Neurosis?

In this punchy, powerful quote, Chogyam Trungpa suggests that the behaviors we play out as a reaction to stress, perceived inadequacy, or claustrophobia are not examples of “how we are,” but passing states of neurosis which obscure our natural sanity.

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

Lodro Rinzler: Be Grateful to Everyone – Podcast 99


Lodro Rinzler discusses the power of gratitude. Instead of dividing up our world between people we like and people we hate, what would it mean to be grateful to everyone?


The Dharma of Distraction

There’s a lot more to distraction than how many times a day you check your phone. According to Buddhist teacher Judy Lief, distraction is the very foundation of ego, the way we protect ourselves against both the pain of life and the open space of awakened mind.


The Importance of Sadness

Sadness isn’t necessarily something to be avoided. In fact, Susan Piver says despair can be the consequence of fighting it. Compassion is what happens when you don’t.

TheUltimateDefinitionofBravery (1)

What Does It Mean To Embrace Who You Are?

Chögyam Trungpa introduces the idea of a spiritual warrior: a person who faces each moment of life with the openness that comes with embracing who they are.

MBSR Shambhala NYC

The Fullness of Full-Catastrophe Living

Our resident MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) instructor Paulette Graf, discusses what her friend and mentor Jon Kabat-Zinn meant by the title of his book, “The Full Catastrophe of Living.”

Live Life Extraordinary

What Does It Mean to Be Extraordinary?

The Shambhala Teachings suggest that while there is sadness in accepting the realities of our world, there is also peace and beauty.

Meditation In the City Podcast

Joseph Mauricio: Living a Brave Existence – Podcast 97


Joseph Mauricio discusses the challenges of living a compassionate life, having the bravery to be friendly to ourselves and extend that friendliness to others. What are the implications of living a brave existence for the world?

Real Fearlessness is the Product of Tenderness

What Does It Mean To Be Fearless?

Chögyam Trungpa presents an alternative version to our culture’s definition of “fearless.”

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The Real Fruits of Spring Cleaning

This inspiring story on garden maintenance illustrates how the beauty of our efforts can transcend our “results.”

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