Meditation In the City

Elizabeth Reid: Turning Toward What’s Close At Hand – Podcast 116


Mindfulness meditation helps us see and accept ourselves as we are. Through synchronicity of body and mind, we can experience total ease with ourselves, and a mind that is stable, strong and clear.


True Listening

The receptive state of listening is a kind of auditory meditation, says Sakyong Mipham. It is an important way to gain wisdom and insight. But it’s not always easy.


This Week at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York

Here are some ways to nurture your meditation practice at the Shambhala Center of New York the week of October 17th, 2016.

Meditation In the City

Daniel Hessey: Mindfulness – Kindness or Claustrophobia? – Podcast 115


We often have subtle habits – deeply engrained – of anxiety and self-aggression, experienced as resistance and claustrophobia both on and off the cushion. How can applying kindness to mindfulness practice have a profound impact on our meditation… and our life?

Meditation In the City

Vegan Aharonian: Riding the Waves of Uncertainty – Podcast 114


Life is fundamentally unpredictable. Unexpected changes can be a major source of anxiety, stress, fear, frustration and suffering. How can we learn to perceive uncertainty with a confident and open mind?

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This Week at Shambhala NYC

Here are some ways to nurture your meditation practice here at the Shambhala Center of New York the week of October 10th, 2016.

Meditation In the City

David Perrin: Unconditional Confidence – Podcast 113


“Unconditional confidence” is both a place to start and a place to arrive. Conventionally we find ourselves looking for external confirmation as a source of confidence. But what if we didn’t need anybody or anything else to confirm this confidence?

Joy shambhala nyc

The Truth of Happiness

As opposed to the temporary fling we have with happiness, joy is a deeper, more stable experience. Joy is not devoid of pain. Joy actually describes a space so vast, it encompasses pain.

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

Ethan Nichtern & Sharon Salzberg: Real Love – Bringing the Path to Your Relationships – Podcast 112


How do we navigate the complexities of our own needs and desires with the needs of others? Can we really love someone we don’t agree with? What skills do we have to face the inevitable disappointments in relationship?

Meditation In the City Podcast New York

Shanté Smalls: Why Meditate? – Podcast 111


That age old question: Why meditate? How can meditation help us with “real” problems? Will my life change if I meditate?

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