Meditation In the City

Ethan Nichtern: Committing To Your Path – Podcast 108


In a world punctuated by soapboxes, where fundamentalism fuels a sense of identity, what does it mean to commit to a spiritual path? What does it mean to be a “Buddhist”?

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Shambhala Training Weekend I

Learn more about the first urban retreat weekend in the life changing Shambhala Training Series.

Meditation In the City Podcast New York

John Ankele: Nobody Likes A Wet Dog – Podcast 107


Nobody likes a wet dog. But the Dharma teaches that this subtle and pervasive tendency to divide our world into likes and dislikes is at the root of our suffering. Meditation helps us see how we make ourselves unhappy. And that changes everything.

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

Dr. Bill Auerbach: Buddhism & Western Psychology – Podcast 106


We all want alleviation from suffering, to find ways to rest with our diverse experiences as they arise. Both Western Psychology and Buddhism use particular methods for working with our emotions. How are they complimentary?

Learn to Live feel your Self Worth (1)

Two Ways Meditation Reminds Us We Are Worthy of Love

Best-selling author and long-time meditation instructor Lodro Rinzler writes on the Shambhala Buddhist view that all of humanity is basically good. By connecting with this view, we can touch in with our inherent self-worth.

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We Already Have Everything We Need

Meditation is not another way to beat ourselves up, but a reminder that every moment we’re in is unique, precious, and completely fresh. Enjoy this inspiring manifesto on the true purpose of meditation from renown Shambhala teacher Ani Pema Chödrön.

Meditation In Everyday Life Podcast

David Perrin: Personal Paradox as Path – Podcast 105


We assume the ideal life is devoid of contradiction and hypocrisy, and might even make fun of others whose personal paradox is on display. What if we considered our contradictions as sacred – our own life as a koan to be contemplated, appreciated, and cherished as the way forward?

Dont Let Life Harden Your Heart

A Meditation on Bodhichitta: The Excellence of Awakened Heart

When we let the circumstances of life harden us, we become increasingly resentful and afraid. With meditation, we can let life soften us and make us kinder and more open.

Meditation In the City Podcast New York

Ethan Nichtern & Shanté Smalls: If the Buddha Grew Up in New York – Podcast 104


Every spiritual story is situated within a given cultural context. Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Dr. Shanté Smalls examine key elements of the life and society of the historical Buddha, while presenting a modern and inclusive alternate narrative of enlightenment.

divided country

A Buddhist Psychoanalyst Puts Our Divided Country on the Couch

Buddhist Psychoanalyst Robert Langan traces the current climate of demonization back to the Buddhist teachings on the three poisons: greed, aversion, and ignorance.

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