“In meditation we are constantly discovering who and what we are.”  – Chögyam Trungpa

For over 40 years, the Shambhala Meditation Center has offered New Yorkers the opportunity to work with their minds and hearts through meditation. Our mission is to inspire an awake and compassionate society through personal and collective transformation. 

We offer public meditation classes, mindfulness training workshops, and a wide range of teachings from the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. Come and sit with us.

Featured Programs

Learn to Work with Strong Emotions

with Shastri Elizabeth Reid

August 4th

Learn to acknowledge and work with the various types of suffering that arise in our day to day life with meditation techniques that help us to identify the quality, nature and experience of emotions, so that we can greet them with gentleness and nowness. Continue »

Urban Retreat: Seven Days of Mindfulness Meditation

with Acharya Daniel Hessey

August 19th—August 26th

Acharya Daniel Hessey leads our renowned week-long meditation retreat designed to give New Yorkers of all backgrounds a break from our habitual speed and routine and open us to the depth and richness of the present moment. Continue »

Shambhala Training Weekend II: Awaken Your Inner Warrior

with Vegan Aharonian

September 9th—September 11th

Examine your fear and defense mechanisms by training the mind to meet challenging moments with courage and confidence. Continue »

Feel Human Again: Shambhala Training Weekend I

with Acharya Eric Spiegel

September 16th—September 18th

This urban retreat will introduce and deepen instruction on basic mindfulness meditation practice, and help new and experienced meditators alike incorporate practice into their daily lives. Continue »

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